Body Transformation

The Body Transformed 2 is a mosaic of non-periodic Penrose Rhombus type that generates five tiles in a pattern of chromatic modulations.
Giclee on aluminium, 20 x 25 cm

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Molecules and cells in the body break down and change continuously through the mechanism of mitosis, which provides for replacement of defective and dead cells. It is through this constant transformation of the structures of the body that life continues.

The skin is one of the most obvious indicators of body transformation. For example, youth is often associated with the softness of the skin (baby skin) and old age, with dry skin. The Body Transformed 2 and The Body Transformed 3 make use of grids in tessellation to reproduce the cellular structure of the skin. Figurative representation is perceived by some, while others see an abstract mosaic. An optical illusion similar to the perception of our own body which is just a memory, as the composition of our body is constantly changing.

The Body Transformed 2 & 3  are shown at the International Exhibition of Miniature Giclee 6 from November 5 to December 13, 2011, organized by The Center for Visual Artists Voice