Airborn 1 — Sudbury

An inside view from the entrance of the shipping container.

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Padejo’s current passion is inflatable latex forms in a variety of shapes and colours, which it uses to plumb the depths of ephemerality and causality.

Padejo returned from Sudbury with a successful installation in a shipping container. Braving wind, rain, snow, and railway dust, the three artists applied a liberal layering of globular and sausage-like latex forms to the steel walls and ceiling. Their efforts transformed the austere interior into a subterranean world, at times mineral, at times organic, steeped in movement detectable at the corner of your eye. The Wow effect — visitors were intrigued by the environment created in the container. Their surprise, on recognizing the nature of the material used, did not confound their initial reactions but enriched them. Repeatedly young and old alike wanted to share their observations — something so simple, so obvious slipped below the radar and in its stead a magical mystery tour of places just beyond the day-to-day.

Le Labo
See a video of the installation in progress.