Airborn III, Art souterrain 2012

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Balloons — or tumescences  — were chosen initially by economic necessity: how to carry a 30 square feet installation in a backpack. Balloons are available in a variety of sizes and colours. Their elasticity allows to nest forms together and create self-supporting complex structures. The in-situ Airborn 3 installation emphasises the use of youth and unusual materials and expresses a playful aesthetic. And, when it’s time to dismantle the installation, we just pop it…

Formed in 2003, Padejo is a collective of three artists — Paul Walty, Denis Leclerc and Joseph Muscat — interested in exploring the creative potential of collaborative undertakings. Working together has generated a synergy we find irresistible and has led to build significant and distinctive works from our own practices.

Passageway in a mobile society destination is the focus, just the means to an end. Brevity and blandness are de rigueur — an ambient waiting room aesthetic prevails. Art can change the anxiety, boredom, discomfort of being in transit by injecting to the journey whimsy, uncertainty and transcience. 

Uninstallation by Paul Walty

In electing to explore the ephemeral, the evidence of ‘decline’ or deterioration of the installation is perfectly attuned to the transitory nature of the work. The variable deflation of the individual balloons and the slumping of the structure, or its gentle collapse if you like,  is a “value-added” effect to the concept of ephemerality.  So too is the increasing fuzziness or softening of the balloon silhouette as the static charge bestowed at inflation slowly attracts the dust of the immediate environment.

To ever seek the beauty
In the fading of the light.
Rage, rage against the coming of the night!

Paul Walty