International Digital Miniprint Exhibition 18 


Rupture is a work related to drawings and paintings that offers a majestic overview of nature. In the distance, an imposing peak, crowned with snow, rises into the sky. It represents strength and immutability, a constant presence that defies time. A fairytale cataract emerges through the mountain pass, adding a heavenly dimension to the scene. The grandiose forest beyond gives way to a tranquil river meandering through the composition. The plant and animal world proliferates on its banks, with every minute detail adding to the richness of the scene. What is striking about this composition is the notable absence of the human species. This deliberate omission creates a clean break. Here, nature is presented in its purest state, without any trace of human intervention. This gives the scene a sense of tranquility and purity. The light of a late summer sun bathes the scene, adding a golden hue that softens the contours and adds an atmosphere of tranquility and purity to the scene. This print is a reminder to contemplate the beauty and grandeur of nature itself, which exists outside human presence.