International Digital Miniprint Exhibition 18


Symbiosis pays homage to these idyllic landscapes that hold a special place in the public’s heart. This miniature print mimics and amplifies some of the most beloved elements of this popular genre of painting: the majestic grandeur of mountains, the serenity of a tranquil lake, the richness of plant and animal life. This print play with the viewer’s expectations, while offering a rich and satisfying visual experience.

Symbiosis is a lush celebration of nature, with a realistic style that brings every detail to life. In the foreground, a diversity of animals, birds, insects and flowers testifies to a careful and respectful observation of nature. Attention to detail suggests that every creature and plant has its place and value in this ecosystem.

The majestic lake that divides the painting adds visual depth to the composition, creating a contrast between the two planes of the scene. In the background, we see the familiar profiles of animals, as well as those of a man and a woman representing the partnership between the human species and other natural species. The background is equally impressive, with a verdant forest, an imposing waterfall and majestic mountains adding to the scale and grandeur of the scene. The flock of birds in the distance and the lone eagle flying overhead add a touch of freedom and wildness to the composition. The verdant, ochre-colored palette lends the composition an ancient atmosphere, as if it had been created centuries ago. The artist’s signature and the date in Roman numerals are a tribute to the great master Brueghel the Elder of the first quarter of the 17th century, whose influence on the masterpiece Earth or Earthly Paradise can be felt in this composition.

This artwork was created in June 2023 as an entry to the  International Digital Miniprint Exhibition 18 — Symbiosis.