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Mandelbrot Digital Image ©August 2022

Work in progress

The Venus of Milo

Vector Digital Art. ©2022


Quantum | 2021 / 10 / 02

Quantum physics is to traditional physic what abstraction is to traditionnal art. Incomprehensible to the layman, quantum physics provides surprising answers to reconcile the infinitely small and the infinitely large. Quantum notions are often usurped to validate metaphysical ideas and beliefs

Used in science fiction, the theme of the multiverse or parallel universes, a hypothetical entity made up of all possible universes, is a reassuring proposition, as if a situation is experienced simultaneously according to different equations or scenarios. String theory is the concept that gives rise to parallel universes, each of the strings representing another dimension.

The Seduction of AI | 2020 / 08 / 07

According to experts, artificial intelligence should replace all human activities and free us from repetitive tasks. In order to be accepted, AI is often portrayed as an android at our service. However, scientists believe that AI will inevitably overtake the human species and that we will become a half carbon, half silicone creature.
Intelligent Aphrodite and The Seduction of AI are reflections on the seductive power of beauty. As if the innocence of beauty cannot disguise a more sordid reality.


Opening | 2020 / 01 / 12

Opening in black and white

Opening in black and white. Vector Image

Opening is intended to be displayed as a mural. Some halftone textures were added to the artwork to create an element of surprise when you have a closer look.

Gradients provide an extra dimension of warmth to flat colours.

Digital art is great for cross-pollination between pieces, therefore creating artworks in constant state of changes. For instance, the genesis of this piece is a black and white version using halftone instead of colours.

Interpretation of Lady Agnew
by John Singer Sargent
| 2019 / 07 / 20

I have been fascinated by the bourgeoisie portraits of the end of the 19th century. The technique used by these artists — here John Singer Sargant — is remarkable: a mix of classic composition and unique drawing skills, combined with a freestyle painting technique closed the modern abstract art.


Dada | 2016 / 07 / 13

Dadaism used graphic arts as a preferred means of expression. Graphic artists such as Kurt Schwitters developed a visual language composed of movable types reproduced on mechanical printing presses. This means of reproduction gives Dadaist publications their handmade style .

Dadaism puts words in front. Random words are reassembled following the order of the draw. The typography of words breaks the graphic standards of the time by combining modern fonts with traditional characters, creating a chaotic composition. Dada also marked the theatre by its unusual lyrics and eccentric costumes.

Dada 1 and Dada 2 explore these aspects of Dadaism. The geometric designs are  inspired by Dada costumes. Their iconic treatments are in a contemporary style, although many Dada used Dingbat characters as the symbol of the hand.

The special effects of old paper and faded colours are a reminder of Dada works exhibited in museums. These publications were not designed to last long. They were revolutionary actions against the bourgeoisie and the establishment in reaction to the horrors of the Great War.